What’s Available

To place your oder: Call/text 306-434-8400 or email info@cornucopiagardens.ca

Pick up outstide our store: Tues-Sat.

Deliveries Rocanville, Spyhill & Esterhazy & areas every Wednesday, Moosomin & area every Thursday.

E-transfer can be sent to info@cornucopiagardens.ca or call in credit card number to 306-434-84000

Updated April 6, 2020 (updates will happen as items change)

Our own vegetables:

Red potatoes (washed) $7.50/5 lbs, $15.00/10 lbs, Red or White potatoes (unwashed) $30/50 lbs

Carrots $5/2.5 lbs $10/5 lbs

Beets (round or cylindrical) $4/2 lbs $8/4 lbs

Onions (yellow) $1.50/lb, $7.50/5 lbs, $15/10 lbs

Our own Canning: Relish (sweet hot dog, regular hot dog, yellow) $6.95/jar, Salsa $4.95/250 ml, $7.95/500 ml, Cucumber & Beet Pickles $6.95/500 ml, $10.95/1

Local eggs $4/dozen

Strong Apiaries Honey – Creamed $10/1 kg

Longman Apiaries Honey – Creamed $10/1 kg, $7/500 g, Raw $10/1 kg, $7/ 500 g

Park Honey – Raw $10/1.5 kg, $40/4 l

Foothills Creamery butter(regular or unsalted) $5.99 each

Foothills Creamery Ice Cream (Vanilla, Old Fashioned Chocolate, Espresso Fudge, All Canadian Moose, Toasted Coconut, Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple Nut) $8.99/1.4 L

Bothwell Cheese: Large (mild, marble) $11.99 each, Small (jalapeno, old, gouda(sold out), horseradish, monteray jack) $5.99 each

Fletchers Farms frozen beef, pork & chicken

Ridgemeadow Bison frozen bison: Ground $10.50/1.5 lbs, Package(1 roast or steak, & ground) $42/package

Against the Grain Wild Rice $10/500 g, $20/1 kg

One Organic Farm organic all purpose flour: $12.99/2 kg, $50.00/20 kg

Highwood Crossing cold pressed canola oil $16.99/500 ml, Three Farmers Camelina oil $18.99/500 ml

Caliber Coffe Roasters whole coffee beans $13.95/340 g (Peru Norte sold out)

Highwood Crossing: all purpose flour $15.99/2 kg, sunflower flax seed granola $11.99/670g. Day Break Mills: wheat bran, einkorn pasta, rolled oats(sold out), seven grain cereal, pancake mix, ezekiel bread mix,

Day Break Mills: Adzuki, Black Turtle, Kidney, Pinto & Navy Beans, Quinoa, Brown Flax, Spelt, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Sultana Raisins (sold out)

Frozen pies $12/each & cookies $5/dozen by Stella Fuchs

Almond Bark by Kristy’s Kitchen $6/each



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