Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle Leaf Fig



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6 inch pot

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To keep your bonsai happy and healthy, place in a bright, south facing window. This plant needs as much sun as you can give it! It doesn't like to be dry (or soggy) and always keep it in the pot it comes in. 

Schefflera Aralia Elegantissima


10" pot

Feather-like appearance. Leaves start out copper or burgundy and mature to a rich green. Needs a medium level of humidity to avoid leaf drop. Bright, indirect sunlight is preferred. 

Diffenbachia Tiki


Low to bright light; avoid direct sun.

Water when dry. Do not overwater.

Will grow to be 3-5 feet tall.



Variety of ferns. 

Bright, indirect/diffuse light. Direct sun will burn.