Daybreak Mill Hard Red Spring Wheat 1kg


Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat, Selkirk variety, whole

1 kg



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To keep your bonsai happy and healthy, place in a bright, south facing window. This plant needs as much sun as you can give it! It doesn't like to be dry (or soggy) and always keep it in the pot it comes in. 

Peace Lily


A common houseplant that bears broad, dark green leaves and charming, white calla-like flowers on tall stems above the foliage. It is hardy, forgiving and will even tell you when it is thirsty - just look for the tell-tale droop! Give it a good drink and then let it dry out. It likes low light (East or North facing window) or indirect light although it can handle fluorescent light as well. 

Book - Seeds


The prairie gardener's go-to for seeds. From saving and starting to transplanting and even winter sowing, lifelong gardeners Sheryl and Janet offer you all the know-how you need when it comes to seeds, ensuring they thrive and grow into beautiful mature plants.

Prairie garden expertise at your grubby fingertips!

Lipstick Plant


Vibrant red and tubular flowers appear above a burgundy bud. Lipstick plants flower most abundantly in the summer and fall. Of note, the flowers don't have strong smell but aren't particularly pleasant. 

Bright, filtered sunlight will keep your lipstick plant the happiest!