Dappled Concrete Pot


Concrete pot with flecks of color.



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Pot Size
4 inch pot

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Ceramic Pot with Wood Stand


Textured pot fits 4" pot. Comes with wood stand.

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Fits 4" pot.

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Light green flower pot with grey design. Saucer attached. Fits a 4" pot.

Daybreak Mills Organic Green Lentils



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1 lb package

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Handmade by Tabitha Clayson, Sparrow Gardens Pottery, Moose Jaw, SK

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Shultz liquid fertilizer 2-7-7


2-7-7 cactus and succulent fertilzer. Mix with water and feed when you water your plants



succulent in 5.5" pot

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Splendor Garden gluten-free organic quick oats. Saskatchewan oats.


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