Sleepy Dino Pot


Fits 4" pot.



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Farm Fresh Eggs


Local Farm Fresh Eggs 1 dozen

Decorative Rocks


Silver, gold, copper rocks

Polka Dot Plant


This spotted plant is a delightful addition to any room.

It likes low light (East or North window) or indirect light. It does not like to get dry! 

White & Gold Christmas Pot


Fits 6" pot

White Ceramic Pot


Fits 6" pot

Wicker Pot - Small


Fits 4"pot.

Beeswax Snowflake Candle


Homemade beeswax candles by Longman Apiaries.



Simple, pure and sophisticated, our vanilla showcases the richness that sets Foothills Creamery apart.

Gift Certificate


Gluten Free Organic Quick Rolled Oats


Splendor Garden gluten-free organic quick oats. Saskatchewan oats.


Hens and Chicks 'Sunset'


succulent in a 5.5" pot

Gold Stripe Pot


Would fit 6" pot.

Organic Wild Rice 250g


Organic wild rice grown by Against the Grain, Meeyomoot Lake, SK.


Parmesan Cheese Shreds


1/2 lb



succulent in a 5.5" pot

Colour planters