Metallic Snowflake Pots


Fits 4" pot



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Panda plant 'Nigra'


succulent in 5.5" pot

Metal Snowflake Pot


Fits 6" pot



succulent in 5.5" pot



An eye opener, infusing coffee ice cream with espresso flakes, cookie crumbs and chocolate marble.

Waffle Plant


These leaves feature a deep purple underside, making it a great plant to add a bit of colour to a room. It likes low light (East or North facing window) and does not like to be dry. 

Decorative Sand


Blue, Purple, White or Green decorative sand



Mild Salsa 500 mL


Homemade salsa made from fresh vegetables grown by Cornucopia Gardens.

Succulent in Ceramic Pot


Succulent in a black & white ceramic pot with metal stand.

B & K Fletcher Farms Whole Chicken


Whole chicken




succulent in a 5.5" pot

Shultz liquid fertilizer 2-7-7


2-7-7 cactus and succulent fertilzer. Mix with water and feed when you water your plants

Square Ceramic Pot


Fits 4" pot.

Has attached drip tray.

Sage Farm Cheese


Herb infused, semi soft cheese

Coteau Hills Creamery, Moose Jaw, SK

B & K Fletcher Farms Sausage


Sausage made by Bear Creek Cutting Co.

1lb packages. 

Succulent in Ceramic Pot


Succulent in a ceramic pot with wooden stand.