Beeswax Votive


Homemade beeswax candles by Longman Apiaries.



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Garden Birds


Crassula 'Hobbit'


succulent in 5.5" pot

Ice Plant 'Jewel of Desert Ruby'


succulent in 5.5" pot

Pilea Silver Tree


Pilea Silver Tree has beautiful silver stripes down its foliage with dark black-green margins.

Bright, indirect light is best for this plant (East or North facing window). 

Water thoroughly and let dry between waterings.



succulent in a 5.5" pot

Farm Fresh Eggs


Local Farm Fresh Eggs 1 dozen

Poinsettia 4"





Black Gold All Purpose Potting Mix


12 L bag

Maiden Hair Fern


This fern is great for those of you who like to water plants often! It likes to be moist but do not overwater or let it sit in water. Do not let it dry out; if it does happen, give it a good soak and new leaves will eventually grow.

It is a forest floor plant so it likes low light (East or North window).


Daybreak Mills Organic Quinoa



250 g

Succulent in Ceramic Pot


Succulent in a black & white ceramic pot with metal stand.

Parmesan Cheese Shreds


1/2 lb

Organic Wild Rice 250g


Organic wild rice grown by Against the Grain, Meeyomoot Lake, SK.