B & K Fletcher Farms Ground Beef


Ground beef

1 lb package



Store Pickup or Free Delivery to Rocanville and Area

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Aluminum Plant


This striped plant is great on its own or with others. It like low light (East or North facing window) or indirect light. It does not like to be dry!

Lipstick Plant


Vibrant red and tubular flowers appear above a burgundy bud. Lipstick plants flower most abundantly in the summer and fall. Of note, the flowers don't have strong smell but aren't particularly pleasant. 

Bright, filtered sunlight will keep your lipstick plant the happiest!

Purple Orchid


Breathtakingly large purple blooms!

Medium to bright light is preferred, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Light Grey Macrame


Light grey macrame. White feather at top.

Pot not included.

Handmade by Chelsea Doane, Knotted Branch Macrame