Succulent in Ceramic Pot


Succulent in a black & white ceramic pot with metal stand.



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A majestic combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate marble and peanut butter cups. Moose-alicious.

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Helicrysum italicum Tall curry plant

Organic Wild Rice 500g


Organic wild rice grown by Against the Grain, Meeyomoot Lake, SK.


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Herb infused, semi soft cheese

Coteau Hills Creamery, Moose Jaw, SK

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Red Echeveria

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2-7-7 cactus and succulent fertilzer. Mix with water and feed when you water your plants

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Pilea Norfolk


Sometimes called "Angel's Wings", this Peruvian plant has a low spreading habit. It likes low light (East or North facing window) or indirect light. They don't mind drying out a bit in between waterings, making it one of the hardy houseplants. 

Pilea Silver Tree


Pilea Silver Tree has beautiful silver stripes down its foliage with dark black-green margins.

Bright, indirect light is best for this plant (East or North facing window). 

Water thoroughly and let dry between waterings.



succulent in a 5.5" pot

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