Parmesan Cheese Shreds


1/2 lb



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Bright green mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips. Taste-a-licious.

Christmas Tree Stand


Shultz liquid fertilizer 2-7-7


2-7-7 cactus and succulent fertilzer. Mix with water and feed when you water your plants

Red Echeveria


Red Echeveria

Herb - Curry


Helicrysum italicum Tall curry plant

Decorative Sand


Black Sand



This houseplant is pretty tolerant, making it the perfect plant for people starting in the houseplant world. It needs indirect light (East or North facing window) and will still like you even if you forget to water it occasionally. 

Remember, water so all the dirt gets wet and then let it dry out before you water again!

Maiden Hair Fern


This fern is great for those of you who like to water plants often! It likes to be moist but do not overwater or let it sit in water. Do not let it dry out; if it does happen, give it a good soak and new leaves will eventually grow.

It is a forest floor plant so it likes low light (East or North window).


Gnomes riding animals




Peat Moss - Sunshine


2.2 cu feet, 62 L bale

Birdsnest Snake Plant


Snake plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, is a very easy plant to grow and nearly indestructible. It is excellent in a grouping or a table top display.

Make sure to let your snake plant dry out between waterings. It is best to err on the side of under watering these plants as too much water may kill it. However, it is drought resistant.

Snake plants like low light (East or North facing window) or indirect light. 

Fern Garden


A collection of three ferns in one pot!

Ferns are forest plants so will require low or indirect light (East or North window) and moist growing conditions. Water often but do not let them sit in water. Keep them moist! If they do dry out, give them a good soak and they should eventually grow new leaves.

Comes with the pictured white ceramic pot. 

Grafted Cactus


Small green cactus with a grafted colored cactus on top. Red or yellow.

Organic Wild Rice 500g


Organic wild rice grown by Against the Grain, Meeyomoot Lake, SK.