Fern Garden


A collection of three ferns in one pot!

Ferns are forest plants so will require low or indirect light (East or North window) and moist growing conditions. Water often but do not let them sit in water. Keep them moist! If they do dry out, give them a good soak and they should eventually grow new leaves.

Comes with the pictured white ceramic pot. 



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This houseplant is pretty tolerant, making it the perfect plant for people starting in the houseplant world. It needs indirect light (East or North facing window) and will still like you even if you forget to water it occasionally. 

Remember, water so all the dirt gets wet and then let it dry out before you water again!

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The Prayer Plant name comes from the tendency of the plant to droop, or 'pray' at night. It likes indirect light (East or North facing window) and requires watering once every week or two, depending on light levels. Allow the top half of the soil to dry out between waterings.

If your plant is not thriving, consider the following:

SYMPTOM: Curling leaves with brown tips
CAUSE: Not enough humidity

SYMPTOM: Washed out coloring or brown blotches on leaves
CAUSE: Too much direct sun

SYMPTOM: Yellowing, possible black stems, mushiness
CAUSE: Rot or root disease; overwatering