• The first seeds start growing at Cornucopia Gardens in February and the greenhouses start filling up in March.  We now have 6000 square feet of greenhouse in operation.
  • Cornucopia Gardens opens in May with greenhouse bedding plant sales of annuals, perennials and vegetable plants and trees and shrubs. In 2013 Cornucopia also started cucumbers and lettuce early in the greenhouse and had it ready for sale in May.  Cornucopia Gardens also brings in a selection of hardy ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs.
  • We opened a new greenhouse on the #8 highway in 2009 for retail sales, with the addition of a second new greenhouse and header-house in 2010, expansion on the headerhouse in 2011.
  • In 2011 Cornucopia Gardens expanded greenhouse tomato production in the new headerhouse expansion with 440 plants.  Greenhouse cucumber production was also added in 2011 in the 20 x 50 greenhouse with 150 plants.  This has allowed cucumber and tomato sales to begin in July and continue until the fall.

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